Friday, December 07, 2007

Special New Orleans Condiment Quiz

First let me apologize for being off line for so long. Our trip to New Orleans was great, and I plan to post about it extensively. Unfortunately I got sick on the way home, and am now just getting back to normal. So that was about 10 days without blogging. Yikes. Thanks Crustodio, for keeping the home fries burning.

And on with the quiz....

Ok, let's take a look at this picture, taken at the wonderful Camellia Grill in New Orleans. At first glance, a typical array of condiments. You got your Tabasco. Your A-1. You have your syrup. Your mustard, Your catsup. A rack of jams and jellies. But wait - what is that bright yellow substance between the syrup and catsup? Is that... orange juice? It looks like orange juice, but why would you have that as a condiment? OK, I give it up. Excuse, me Mr. Waiter. What's that yellow stuff?


Butter! Jesus, that's a hell of a lot of butter to put on something. You know why butter comes in those hard little squares? Because it is so bad for you, it needs to be difficult to put on your food. That's called self-preservation. Butter should not be that readily available. It's like crack - it needs to be in small little blocks so you don't overdo it.

No wonder everything is so goddamned delicious in New Orleans - everything is cooked with insane shitloads of butter. I'm shocked that everyone in NOLA isn't morbidly obese. Every time we went out to eat we had something with about 10 sticks of butter in it. I'm surprised they weren't serving butter daiquiris in the Quarter. Hmm, that actually doesn't sound so bad...

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Crustodio said...

The Camellia Grill - that was a happy flashback seeing the picture in the news story. I can't remember what we ordered, but I remember loving it.

Considering it must have been at least 15 years ago, that says something.