Monday, June 02, 2008

Joe just kicked me in the Cannonballs

Our buddy Joe at Bite and Smile is not satisfied with being funny and being paid to be funny and being paid to make other people funny. Nope. He has apparently decided that he now wants to conquer the world of Indie rock as well. I view it as a personal attack. Joe, Indie rock is my bailiwick. We all have our little area of the blog world. I write about music and the embarrassing things I do in the bathroom. Crustodio is the guy who posts commercials. And you are the comedy guy with the big serif font and crazy quizzes and the funny make-'em-ups.

But. apparently that's not enough. Now it seems that when Joe isn't teaching at Second City and hanging out with one of the 10 record producers people can mention by name, he's making videos with The Breeders. And he's just so coooool, acting like it's no big deal. I practically had to beg him to spill the beans. You just wait, Joe. Next month I'm hanging out with the original members of the Generic Comedy Troupe*. So suck on that.

*Ok, horrible annoying inside joke. The Generic Comedy Troupe was the improv comedy team that Joe founded in 1982, that also featured Crustodio and myself. Man, we slayed them in Fairborn...

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Joe Janes said...

Being the subject of one of your posts, Pete, makes me feel like I've really made it! Now, I can retire. I'll take up knitting and move back to Dayton.