Sunday, June 22, 2008

A tiny eulogy for the ultimate contrarian




This, my friends, is a huge loss. Lenny Bruce opened the door and George jumped in. God love him. Oh wait, George isn't on the believe wagon. I love that.

I'll tell ya the truth. In the last few years, George lost a tiny edge. Not his delivery. Not his timing. To me, he sacrificed not-bad people for the joke more often than I would have liked. He had better aim before.

But he sure gave a big FU to the people that needed it too.

And there's the key. I disagreed often with George recently, but when a man loves the language so very much, then one must applaud.

And when that voice flips off the enemy - in front a huge audience - that voice demands admiration.

Lastly, let's tell the truth here. Losing George means we're all getting old. And that..while we can embrace it from time to

Good night, vulgarian/contrarian

Sleep well.

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hap smiley said...

George will be sorely missed. I listened to "Class Clown" and "FM & AM," litereally, for hours and hours. In fact, to rekindle that jocularity, I purchased those two CDs just last week. RIP, George.