Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Too true

Hey, Look - a great article by Simon Rich in The New Yorker pokes a brilliant finger at the insecurities of our youth. "What I imagined the people around me were saying when I was..."

Particularly wonderful example:


“Hey, look, that thirteen-year-old is walking around with his mom!”


“There—in front of the supermarket!”

“Oh, my God! That kid is way too old to be hanging out with his mom. Even though I’ve never met him, I can tell he’s a complete loser.”

“Wait a minute. He’s scowling at her and rolling his eyes.”

“Oh, yeah . . . and I think I just heard him curse at her, for no reason.”

“I guess he’s cool after all.”

My contribution:

"Hey, look, that 15-year old kid is putting his hand really close to that 15-year old girl's hand. She'll notice and hold his hand for sure. The way she doesn't put her hand back in her pocket is soooo obvious. She's asking for it!"

Go on - add one of your own, if you dare.

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