Thursday, May 22, 2008

Jury Duty

Sorry for the lack of postings lately. I went in for my jury duty on Tuesday and was assigned to a criminal trial. First time I've ever done anything like this. It should wrap up tomorrow, since we heard the final arguments today. The trial is actually pretty interesting, but of course, I can't disclose anything till it's over. I can't even discuss it with the other jurors, we all just give each other shrugs and funny looks when we're dismissed after every session. It feels weird to miss this much work, especially with the upcoming 3-day weekend. Luckily, my work will pay me during these 4 days. I kinda feel like I'm slacking, but I also feel a lot of responsibility to the trial. After all, someone could go to jail for a very long time and my empathy glands are working over time. Glad I'm not at this trial.

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