Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Going out of business since 1988

It's not hard for me to believe that Sub Pop has now been around for twenty years - what's hard to believe is that they're still a good label. After a bit of a slump, they've bounced back in the last few years with some really good bands, such as The Postal Service, the Shins, Band of Horses and Iron & Wine. This Seattle Times article gives a good rundown on their history and current status. I've always loved their smart ass slogans, like the title of this blog entry above, "Pandering to the locals since..." and the more recent "Podfisting our way to your blog or whatever".

I was working at a record store in New Orleans 20 years ago and one of my friends and co-worker was really into the Sub Pop stuff. He was a member of the Single of the Month club and was always trying to interest me in them, but I wasn't into it. All that grunge shit left me cold (and still does), but I was won over by Nirvana like everyone else in the world a couple years later. I like their roster a hell of a lot more now than I did in their heyday. So, there's that.

Thank, Popcandy for the tip.

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