Thursday, January 31, 2008

There Are No Straight Lines in New Orleans

Cool article on about my old friend and former bandmate Grayson Capps. He talks a bit about living in New Orleans and the aftermath of Katrina, and his involvement with the movie A Love Song for Bobby Long. I also like his quote about the early days of our first band:

“I was in a band called the House Levelers,” he explains, “which was actually a bunch of actors acting like musicians. We didn’t know how to play a damn thing, but we knew how to put on a show. It became a question of, do I want to do soap operas, or go to New York and go through the rigmarole of being on Broadway, or do I want to do theater now? I wanted to do theater now, and the most immediate access to that was playing music in bars.”

I had the same idea, at the time. Music seemed like the most immediate way to communicate. I'd think of something, right it down and sing it out the next night. The thought didn't have to go through a writer, actor, director, etc. Straight from my brain to you. The only downside was that I stopped writing anything but songs. I'm glad Crustodio and I decided to start blogging a few years ago. I've really enjoyed getting back into the writing groove. I hope you've enjoyed it, too.

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