Monday, March 17, 2008

It makes me feel dirty.

As a true Mac snob, I was appalled to read that uber-douche Rush Limbaugh is an avid Mac fan, and actually pointed out a OSX problem that Apple will address with a future upgrade. First, there's the addiction to painkillers, now the Mac loving - what else will I have in common with this creep? I shudder to think. Maybe it's weird to ascribe a political agenda to an inanimate object, but I had always viewed the PC as being the tool of choice for stodgy, boring, unimaginative conservative types, and the Mac being the box for trendy and creative progressives (I can hear Crustodio grinding his teeth all the way from Seattle). So, what's next? Ann Coulter shilling for Volvo?


TheSizzler said...

Ann Coulter, Deadhead.

It makes since, really - her hair is so 1968 Bob Weir.

Crustodio said...

I have no idea why you insist on making me John Hodgman while you portray an older version of Justin Long.

Ahhh, the mental games you play with yourself. Your selective memory has completely blocked out that I recommended Mac to you long before you ever had a computer in your home. You've somehow forgotten that I've been using Macs since at least 1990.

And you still can't remember that I have told you often that I'M NOT HAPPY THAT MY LAST SEVERAL JOBS HAVE REQUIRED ME TO USE A PC.

Sure, I have a PC at home. You try and tell your teenage son that the 12 decent/popular games that Apple supports will have to be good enough for him.

I assure you, Mr. Best, that I will be switching back eventually.

Whew. I feel better now.

ps - thanks for the side boob shot.

Pete Best said...

Wait - how am I an " older version of Justin Long" and you're just plain John Hodgman? That guy is 7 years younger than you!

Crustodio said...

you're getting stuck on the details here. this is a computer discussion. get your head in the game.


Pete Best said...

Whatever you say, PC.

What? Those ARE your initials, are they not?