Saturday, March 15, 2008

Los Estimulantes

High-level negotiations occurred last night over the formation of a new musical project, featuring Marty and Dave from the State Flowers and Rexaco, Ben from Foma and DeHaviland and yours truly, Pete Best. Rehearsal space to be made ready, PA head to be purchased, xmas lights to be hung and beer to be consumed. Oh, and I have to buy an electric guitar. I sold my 70's Telecaster when I was dead broke and unemployed. I still have my Martin acoustic, but that will not be sufficient for the heavy rocking that we are sure to do.

Even though we have no idea what we will be doing, it is very exciting to be playing with people I like, unlike my recent experience playing with the negative creeps. I'm not sure what we'll come up with for a sound. I guess Ben and I will write some songs or maybe we'll come up with stuff all together. The only thing known right now is our name: Los Estimulantes.

I was in Dots a few years ago with some of the gang, and saw this cool old Mexican drug warning poster. There were drawings of different drugs, like cocaine, marijuana, etc. and then the Spanish word for them. At the bottom of the poster was a drawing of a bunch of pills and the legend, los estimulantes. The second I saw it, I thought: great band name.

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