Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Commuting Computing

Every morning before I leave my sleepy cul-de-sac in the suburbs, I check the traffic to get an idea of what lies ahead for my commute to the city.

Mostly, I use it to avoid stress. Meaning that if I see that traffic sucks, I'm a little more able to handle it emotionally. As Mr. Best would attest, I'm not the most chill of drivers. As much as I've tried to mellow out over the last few years, it's a rare commute when I don't mutter, "I fucking hate people" at least once or twice as I watch the fucktards out there making traffic worse with their lack of attention or sickeningly selfish moves.

The Internet has made it better. Not only can I prepare for an awful commute - I can avoid it entirely. I can work from home! No muss, no fuss. Up top there you'll see a glimpse of this morning's traffic on I-5 north of Seattle. Today I've decided to wait it out, work from home for a while, then cruise on in when the highway looks a little more free of fucktards.

Thank you Internet. My blood pressure is most appreciative.

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Pete Best said...

Welcome back!