Monday, April 07, 2008

Enjoy Old Joy

I watched Old Joy on Saturday, and I liked it, but found it very slow-moving. It seems to be a grower, though, since I've been thinking a lot about it since then. It stars Will Oldham of Palace/Bonnie Prince Billy fame, who actually is an accomplished actor, though better known for his recent appearance in a Kanye West video. It was shot in Portland, so it was fun recognizing different neighborhoods and street scenes. Basically a road trip movie, 2 old friends head out to camp and visit Bagby Hot Springs.

Oldham's character is a thoughtful and rootless slacker, while the other guy has a stressful job, a pregnant wife, drives a Volvo and listens to Air America - all very Portlandesque. Their attempt to reconnect is the core of the story. It's all very subtle, but engrossing. Nice review in the Times.


brett said...

Thanks for the recommendation. It happened to be on Sundance the evening after I read your post and we watched it. It was beautiful. I was concerned it would be slow, but in the end, I felt the pace was spot on. And I loved that they went west to go to Bagby.

Pete Best said...

Cool - glad you liked it. This might be the weekend to get out and do some hiking. But, it looks like you're having a good time in Philly instead. Have fun!