Friday, April 18, 2008


Yeah, I suck. Poor Pete has been carrying all the load again as I work on two big pitches and a slew of projects for work - AND I'm rehearsing a show. My first play in over a year. We open next week.

Thankfully, we're ahead of the game rehearsal-wise, and were able to cancel last night's "play practice", as my snarky friends like to call it.

How did I celebrate my one night off? By flying to Spokane of course! Like I said, two big pitches coming up. And my home office was more than happy to have me here a couple of days to work on it face-to-face with all of my colleagues.

The picture above is a true view of what the park looked like yesterday. Sunny. Beautiful. And only a block or two away from the office.

The picture below is the true perk of coming here. The Davenport is a wonderful hotel. And for some reason I was upgraded to a suite last night. Didn't really need two TVs, the fridge or two couches. But I did feel like a bigwig. At least for one night.

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