Monday, April 21, 2008


After a little cleaning out of the Crustodio archives, I’ve come across some treasures.

Throughout my life, I’ve had a habit of picking up journals. I kid myself that I’ll fill them with all of my deep thoughts, creative ideas I get on-the-fly, poems and other bullshit.

Without fail, the first few pages show a weak attempt at capturing…something. Then the journal gets put away, at best being used for notes during a phone call.

So I grabbed a couple of VERY old journals to take to work. Maybe I’ll use ‘em there?

Instead, I’ve come across a few pages of history. A snippet of time some 20+ years ago when money was tight and bills were low.

Below you’ll find what I found in my journal: the scribbling of poor college boys trying to split the bills for a duplex in Fairborn, Ohio, circa 1985.

Paul: $12.81
Pete: $6.89
Tim: $9.85

Apparently I liked calling home more than they did.

DP&L (Dayton Power and Light)
Aug 22 + Sept 23

(written out long division, working out how to divide 59.57 by 3)

$19.86 each

My last electricity bill almost reached the $700 mark.

City of Fairborn
Sept. 26

(written out long division, working out how to divide 30.1 by 3. Yeah, you read that right. Shut up. We were theater majors.)

$10.04 each

Must have been for water and sewer. That could have been spent on pot instead. I don’t remember.

And we were so poor that our phone ended up being turned off. I will no longer call them “the good old days.”

Who am I kidding? They sure as shit were.


Pete Best said...

I'm pretty sure Tim still owes me 42 dollars for some bill back then. Bastard.

Crustodio said...

Whoa! Flashback! I'm 99% sure I still owe Brad 100 bucks from the Beavercreek house. He saved my life one month.

If he thinks he's getting interest, he is SORELY mistaken.