Thursday, April 10, 2008

What if I was an English kitchen designer?

Well, I might look like this guy. Anyone else see the resemblance? (If I lost 30 lbs.?) I think it's kinda freaky, man... Though, I'm happy to not have the name Peacock, if you know what I mean.

The only other time I saw a doppleganger was during a 1985 viewing of Young Sherlock Holmes in a very altered state. Crustodio was there and can attest that I kept mumbling, "man, that guy really looks like me" for the entire 2 hours. Here's a picture and it is a striking resemblance to 1985 Pete:

(Not the chick or fat kid, smart guys)

Speaking of appearances, I lost one of my earrings. I started thinking about how, back in the day, there was this ridiculous theory that if you wore an earring in a certain ear, it meant you were gay. Well, according to the internets, it's right if you're gay and left if you're straight. My right one fell out, so I won't be faced with the test of whether or not I would have switched it to the left one to assert my straightness...

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