Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Hall of Douchebags

*MUSIC SNOB ALERT* This is a hilarious (and endless) time suck. A compendium of abysmal band photos. This may lead you to the conclusion that... bands are stupid.

Yes, that is Pete Best on the far left, above. Thanks, early 1990's!

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Joe Janes said...


Alex Chickells (bass), Frances "Drew" Magruder (guitar), Tippy Lemon (vocals) and Craig Baker (drums).

Formed in 1987 in Tucson, Arizona. Tippy and Drew met as stock boys at Office Depot in the Sugarland Strip Mall. Drew knew Alex from the high school swing band. Craig Baker, 15 years older than anyone else in the band, is the only person to call in response to the flyer they posted at the Perkins Pancake House.

They got their name while discussing a name at Eat a Pita and that's what Drew ordered, a lemonade and a beef teriyaki stir fry pita. No green peppers (the other name they considered).

They set out to write songs in the style of their favorite rockers - Tippy (Sammy Hagar), Alex (Survivor), Drew (Kiss), Craig (Breathable Mesh - his last band where the other memebers just didn't get where he was coming from. You guys are great.)

They wrote a manifesto for their band that can be summed up in six words. "We will rock all of you."

They debuted on a Tuesday night at Riverlake Lanes featuring 90% cover tunes - and playing "Love Gun" three times. Their one original song, a ballad penned by Drew and Tippy, "GED of Love," went largely unnoticed by the League Night crowd.

They broke up six months later when Craig sold his drums to cover his rent to keep from being evicted. He was evicted two moths later.