Sunday, February 03, 2008

Gooood Morning Sayulita!

The Graffiti Table Foreign Bureau is up and in operation. Minor technical difficulties are delaying our correspondents from posting original photos, but we're hoping to clear that up soon.

After a long flight (The Crustodios cashed in on some mileage for first class, while the Bests kept the commoners company), a long and unorganized wait at customs, a long wait for our taxi, a short trip to the Mega Store, and a long ride through rural - and not so rural areas - we made it to our destination.

Time was still on our side as we still could enjoy a sunset, an adult beverage or three, and dinner at a little restaurant right on the beach. Entertainment included a tiny stray cat, loud wave crashing, plus a guitarist/singer who threw down a mean "My Way" in Spanish.

Though sadly, much to the consternation of a slightly-buzzed Mr. Best, he did not have any CCR in his repertoire.

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Pete Best said...

Hey man, I asked for "Creedence", in homage to the Dude. It's so nice and relaxing here, that I can easily imagine leading a Lebowski lifestyle...