Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Graffiti Table goes Hollywood

The GT is going on location once again. As I mentioned earlier, Crustodio and I are joining 7 other college buddies for a reunion in sunny Hollywood, California. There will be much shit talk and ball busting. There will be swimming and incredibly complicated games made up on the spot. There will be hangovers and talk of getting old. There will be talk of who slept with who 20+ years ago. There will be a vicious game of quarters. Crustodio will lose. Again. I will hog the stereo. And we will video chat with the losers who bailed at the last minute. 

I am so excited that it is hard for me to get to bed, even though I have to get up in less than 7 hours. I'm not sure what posts we can deliver this weekend, if any. Be patient with us, dear reader, as we go relive our youth. We made friends for life in college, and we will be with people who "get" us in ways no other friends ever will. Every leap year we are once again the same people we were long ago, when we were still fresh and naive and not beaten down by life. Sure, it's an illusion, but as a wise man once said, use your illusion.

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