Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Ultimate Battle

I was just talking about Battle of the Network Stars, one of my favorite shows from childhood. Maybe at out next college buddies reunion in 2012, we'll do our own version of this. The West Coast vs Jesusland.

I still have vivid memories of a feisty Robert Conrad and his tiff with a laid-back and cool Gabe Kaplan. Well, here's the evidence: The Popcorn Trick has a long and delightful write-up from the 1976 season. That first season with Kaplan, Conrad and Telly Savalas was pure gold - and pure testosterone. By 1980 the captains had degraded to the likes of John Davidson, Jamie Farr and Arte Johnson. Quite a comedown. Though I would like to see the 1983 crew of William Shatner, William Devane and Mr. T!

Back in '76 when I was an impressionable 6th grader, I was a TV junkie and knew every one of these jokers. I was thinking I would like to see a modern version of this, but I really don't watch enough network tv to really be that excited about any of the "stars". Could they do a premium cable version? I want to see James Gandolfini square off against Larry David.

Thanks to PopCandy for the tip.


Goose said...

thanks for the shout out - the '76 Battle was incredible, but I do plan to revisit the other battles and see what it devolved into.


David said...

This was brilliantly parodied by SNL on 12/2/78 (host=Walter Matthau) on a piece entitled "Network Battle of the T's and A's". Unable to YouTube this so far....