Thursday, July 10, 2008

It's almost kind of quintessentially a Portland thing

My biggest fear and Crustodio's greatest joy: bike rage!

"News of Sunday night's confrontation circulated quickly among officers and reached Officer Robert Pickett, the bureau's unofficial liaison between police and Portland's biking community.

'It's almost kind of quintessentially a Portland thing," Pickett said, after reading the police reports. 'It's too bad there's an 'us vs. them' dynamic.'"

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line of credit said...
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Brewcaster said...

Idiots drive cars and bikes.

Crustodio said...

No joy - just yet another example of the "I'm in the right" attitude that persecutes so many people.

I bike so I can't be wrong about biking issues.
I don't smoke so I must be right about every smoking issue.
I don't eat meat so it's obvious that I have the best opinion about eating habits.

And while we're at it, I live in the best country in the world, so shut up and listen to us.

Yes, same diff.

There is a somewhat perverse smile on my face seeing a self-righteous fuck get called on his shit. I won't deny that.

Watch those windows on your houses folks. They look very stone vunerable.

Joe Janes said...

I've actually stopped riding my bike. It doesn't feel safe anymore. There are more bikers because of the gas prices and they're all idiots. And there are just as many assholes in cars as there have ever been.

Pete Best said...

More here.

This commentor summed up my feelings on this matter really well:

July 10th, 2008 08:35

Sometimes it's nice to be both, so that you can understand both points of view. I bike a lot. I drive a little. I get both sides of the picture and I do my best to be courteous whatever mode of transport I'm using that day. It saddens me when I see this aggressiveness on either side when we're all just trying to get to work/school/home. It annoys me when I see people, whether in a car or on a bike, blow stop signs and/or lights without even slowing down. It irks me when people, whether in a car or on a bike, feel a sense of entitlement to breaking the law and putting others in danger. The attitude on the roads needs to change. No one is "better" than anyone else on the road. You may choose to only bike, you may choose to drive a Prius. Good for you. But being self-righteous about it doesn't get anyone anywhere. Be respectful. Be courteous. Remember the cliche: you catch more flies with honey than vinager. End of soap box. Thank you.

Crustodio said...

Extremely well put.