Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The ravages of time

Mr. Best and I are back from our brief sojourn to Southern California.

What an incredible time hanging with old friends, blowing each other truckloads of shit, laughing 'till we cried and consuming many, many beverages.

We may look a bit older than we did 20-some years ago, but I swear these are the EXACT SAME PEOPLE I spent so much time with forever ago. Less hair (for some), more...body (for almost all of us), same brilliant senses of humor, same biting comments...couldn't have been much better.

Above, it is 1985 (86?) and I am contemplating my future loss of hair. And my incredibly bad choice in trousers.


David said...

It's sad that I can't remember you ever having that much hair!

Christos said...

Your Streets of Fire poster is RAD!

Kaydub said...

Damn, baby, you were hot!