Tuesday, September 11, 2007

20 Questioned

It's still not just another day. Even out here, so far from Ground Zero. I have nothing new to say about the matter, except that more and more I think it was an inside job.

In December of 2001, David Yeager and I made a short film called 20 Questioned. We put together a list of random questions and asked them of a group of acquaintances and friends. Mostly about 9/11 but with some other unrelated matters. Looking at it now, I am struck by a few things. One, is that, man we were so much younger then. Secondly, this was filmed before the Iraq war so the perspective is interesting. Dr. Frank West, the guy who most seemed like a wacko then, now seems like the smartest damn guy in the film. You can see all of it on YouTube.

The film is actually more fun than it sounds and features many Graffiti Table internet friends, including the Sizzler, Badinia, Scout Radio, Smart Guy, and a members of Tu Fawning, and the Evolutionary Jass Band, plus yours truly.

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