Friday, September 21, 2007

Not OK-Ville

A good article about one of my favorite pet peeves: how Hollywood always gets New Orleans wrong, in this case the new cop show K-Ville. Here's a great example of the Hollywood stupidity: the producer of the show admits that NO ONE calls NOLA "K-Ville". He just made it up. Asshole.

A lot of people seem to like the Dennis Quaid/Ellen Barkin movie, The Big Easy, but it takes amazingly ludicrous liberties with NOLA. My favorite scene is when they go have a romantic wine and pizza dinner at Tipitina's. Not fucking likely.

Here's a note to all you hacks out there. I lived in New Orleans for almost 10 years and NEVER heard someone with a "Cajun" accent. Geez, Pete, just calm down and listen to good ole Remy McSwain:

"Just relax, darlin'. This is the "Big Easy." Folks have a certain way o' doin' things down here."


There is a local accent called "Yat" (as in "where ya at?") and it kinda sounds like a Brooklyn accent from the 40's. It's really great.

And yes, I am getting psyched up for our December visit. Let the good times roll...

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