Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Where hipsters go to retire


My comment on Slate's message board:

"2 of the ladies of Sleater-Kinney were caught cheating by a friend of mine at Beulahland's trivia night several years ago. They were using a cell phone to call their other bandmate at home, who was sitting in front of her computer. In the interest of a good laugh, I reported this to the Willamette Week's music editor and he posted it online, though he didn't name names. One of the band responded to him at the paper that they weren't cheating - they were just smart enough to use outside help! And since there were no rules about this, they weren't actually cheating. Oh, the arrogance. That kind of terminated my mild enjoyment of their vastly overrated indie rock caterwauling.

Anyway, as someone who moved here to play music in 1995, I've been very aware of the influx of musicians - pro and amateur. I say, bring it on. The more, the merrier. Since Portland has no overriding scene or musical style like "grunge" or "jangle", I don't think the scene will get pigeonholed and destroyed like Seattle and Athens. I see it more as a general cool music town like Austin.

The thing is, there are all these big indie bands in town, but it's not like they are really part of the scene. I can't go down to my local watering hole every week and see the Shins play. My enjoyment of the Shins is just like anyone else in a big city. They play a show twice a year at a giant venue. Big deal. Living here means nothing. It's cool that they're here, but they are not part of the scene. "

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