Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Ragin' Cajun

I love it when people get stone cold busted when they are being nefarious and stupid. I caught this story on Blogtown, PDX. Apparently Food Dude, Portland's most respected food blogger, was served this absolutely charred pork chop at Acadia. Now, I've been to Acadia and it's ok. But it never satisfies my New Orleans food craving. And after living in the Big Sleazy for 9 years, I damn well know what I want. But, that's another post.

Anyway, a number of people went online to defend Acadia - one even went so far as to say they went there "50 times" and never had bad food.

Well, kiddies, let me tell you a little something about technology and this thing we call the internet. You may think you're doing private things and that no one will ever know when you're being naughty, but I have some sad news for you - technology will ALWAYS fuck you in the ass when it can. And, baby, it can.

Here's a quote from the Food Dude in the Comments section on his site:

"Also, this chef may want to keep a more careful eye on his computer, as multiple people seem to be using it to post positive experiences about Acadia At last count, comments on Portland Food & Drink have been made by seven different names from the same IP address of Chef Higg's PC."

Ha - so BUSTED! Chef Higg - you are a dumbass. The IP address got you - duh! If you don't know about stuff like that, you shouldn't be trying to be all sneaky and shit. I told you technology would get you right in your (dumb)ass.


Anonymous said...

Great writing! I visit this site at least 50 times a day and I've never read a bad entry.

This is the best blog on the Internet!

Pete Best said...

Thanks, Anonymous! Hmmm, maybe I should check out that IP address. Wha-? Crustodio??