Saturday, September 22, 2007

R.I.P. Esmeralda

In 1981, I went to a playwriting festival in Mass. where a mother of a friend was premiering a play. The big draw of the festival was the actress Helen Hayes. Often called "The first lady of the American theater", it was quite a coup to have her attend.

Me? I was 17 years old and all I could really remember her for was her leading role in the immortal, "Herbie Rides Again".

What a dork. Thank God I didn't say anything when I shook her hand.

So, Alice Ghostly has passed away. So very sad to see Esmeralda from Bewitched go. But did you know she was a Tony-award winning actress? Me neither. But I do remember her as the shop teacher in "Grease".

Does this mean that someday people 30 years younger than me will only remember Kristen Chenoweth as the crazy aunt in some future sitcom? Boggles the mind.

Rest well, Ms. Ghostly. You served your profession well.

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