Thursday, November 01, 2007

Dental, damn!

Sorry for the gruesome image, but you are looking at my incredibly fucked up wisdom teeth. Look at that sideways one on the bottom right - yikes! I was at the dentist this morning just for a innocuous initial check-up and cleaning. I take really good care of my teeth (at least in the last 20 years) so I wasn't expecting much from the exam.

Dr. Turk strode into the room, took one look at my x-rays and told me I had to get oral surgery immediately to remove my wisdom teeth. I guess the bottom left one is rotting and creating a cyst, which he cheerily told me would eat away my entire jawbone if left untreated. Gulp!

And to make matters worse, I finally have to have my last baby tooth removed. Yes, at the age of 43 I still have a baby tooth. It was hanging in there pretty good, but I guess now it's crapping out on me, too. So, that's FIVE teeth I have to have removed. ASAP.

I'll admit that I'm a pussy, chicken, wimp, whatever you want to call it when it comes to pain. Why am I tattooless? I can't stand the idea of having that damn needle go in my skin. So, the idea of somebody cutting those teeth out of my gums has left me pretty shaken.

Luckily, Mrs. Best has been through it already and has given me some comforting words. And there will be drugs and anesthesia. So, I suppose I'll make it.

I think getting bad medical news when you're by yourself in the doctor's office is the worst feeling in the world. Once you're outside and talking to people about it, it's not so bad. But, in those lifeless dreary rooms, there's nowhere to hide from it. It's just you, the doctor and the truth.

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TheSizzler said...

Mrs. Sizzler also has to have her wisdom teeth removed. Due to the general anesthesia, however, she has to wait until the wee'un is weaned.

As someone who had four impacted wisdom teeth taken out (back in 1993, natch), allow me to state the obvious:

1.) It's odd to have four little foxholes at the end of your rows of teeth, even 14 years later.
2.) The worst isn't the post-anesthesia hangover. It isn't the possibility of "dry sockets" (OY). It's the odd yellow bruises on the jawline (that I had for a month).
3.) High tolerance for pain = more leftover painkillers, Mr. Tweedy.

Let me know when you're going under. I'll bring you some ice cream.