Friday, November 30, 2007

This one hurts

Evel Knievel is dead.

This is the guy who would never die. This is the guy who was the perfect hero for me, jumping crazy shit when I was at the perfect impressionable age to go ga-ga over how freakin' BRAVE he was.

And jesus, he was brave. Stupid? Sure. But he made today's dickheads like Johnny Knoxsville and Bam What's-His-Name look like the pussies they truly are. Daredevils my ass.

C'mon, that jump at Caesar's Palace? Seriously.


I had the toy too. That kick-ass toy.

And he was even in the news just days ago, settling a lawsuit with Kanye West. Mostly worth it for the frame-worthy photograph that ran with the story:

Give the man credit. He made to 69. I doubt anyone 30 years ago would have guessed he'd be flirting with 70 before he shuffled his larger-than-mortal coil.

God bless, Evel. May your heaven be ache-and-pain-free, with tons of ramps, safe landings, and another shot at Snake River Canyon.

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