Thursday, November 01, 2007

One way to beat the Portland/Seattle slog

Hijack a plane!

Like a lot of people, I've always been fascinated by the D.B. Cooper story. New York has an interesting piece on the possible identity of the mystery man.

I know Crustodio has some interest in this - I believe he had one line in the Unsolved Mysteries re-enactment. Man, I'd love to see that clip on YouTube somewhere - but for now this will have to do:


Crustodio said...

It's true. I handed D.B. Cooper his ticket and said my line, "Thank you sir. Have a nice flight."

I think I made $300.

Pete Best said...

So is that 2 lines? Or do two sentences equal one line because you said them all at once? I never understood that.

TheSizzler said...

$300?!? You could make twice that just by having a wide stance in the E-concourse mens room at PDX.