Monday, November 05, 2007

Is that a bike lock in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?

The New York Times jizzes all over Portland, yet again. Odd timing for this article, since everybody has been talking recently about how unsafe Portland actually is - with 2 riders killed in the last few weeks. If Portland is a beacon of safe biking, I can only wonder what the rest of the country is like.

And I was disappointed that the article failed to mention anything about the World Naked Bike Ride...

UPDATE: Apparently, the jiz was flowing yesterday in the Real Estate section, too. Check these stats out:

"Last year, there were twice as many people in the 25-to-39 age group moving into the city as leaving, according to Charles Rynerson, a demographer with the Population Research Center at Portland State University.

In all, 23,454 young adults moved in, while only 12,125 moved away, giving the city the fourth highest net migration in the country, after Las Vegas, Charlotte and Atlanta."

Hipster Fuckfest, take me away...

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Crustodio said...

Of all the naked Portland biker pictures, that was the best you could do?