Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Radiohead Frontman Turned Down Paul McCartney

I don't care if he asked you to help him remake Ebony and Ivory - when Sir Paul asks, you say yes.


Anonymous said...

nice attempt by Sir Paul to remain musically relevant in the new century.

Pete Best said...

They've both worked with producer Nigel Godrich, but I guess Thom had second thoughts. Maybe he was worried that his indie/art-rock cred would suffer by collaborating with Mr. Sappy.

TheSizzler said...

Youd think that people would have had enough of silly love songs.
But I look around me and I see it isnt so.
Some people wanna fill the world with silly love songs.
And whats wrong with that?
Id like to know,
cos' here I go

I love you, I love you