Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ancient History

Must be a slow work day for the Sizzler, here's another nugget from him: a brief history of Powells.com. All Portlanders seem to be proud (or smug) over our homegrown book store. ("It's one whole city block!") But, did you know they sold books online before even Amazon? I love that 1993 is like the dawn of time for all of us Internet types...

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TheSizzler said...

I remember several Internet firsts:

First time I "chatted" via a modem (1994)
First email account (for my college, which I ironically got back a couple of years ago) (1994)
First time on the 'Net (via Usenet) (1994)
First time on the Web (Mosaic was the browser) (1995)
First time seeing an animated .gif - it was like, ooooh...things can MOVE on this? (KUFO.com, 1995)
First online purchase (with Amazon using their "complete your order by phone" option, 1998).
First dot-com lay-off (800.com, 2001)