Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Honus Bonus and Emily Posts

Local rock band the Honus Huffhines got a nice write-up in the Willamette Week today. I actually "audtioned" for these guys earlier this year. Great guys, decent tunes, but it just didn't feel right to me, so I passed. Glad to see they're getting some good press.

I haven't really mentioned this, but I quit the Strange Effects last week. I was happy with the music, but didn't really fit in with the guys very well. I have strong feelings on band etiquette, and these guys were no Emily Posts. It was pretty mutual - they certainly had their reservations about me - and I know I have my own hang-ups. They're not bad guys, we just weren't a good match for each other. The end result was that I was constantly frustrated and annoyed and not having fun - which was the whole point of being in a band.

The second to last straw was when I recorded some keyboard parts on the recordings we're working on. They had some other guy come in and re-do one of my parts - and then didn't tell me. I don't mind the other guy playing the part, I mean I'm all for what sounds best - but to not say anything about it? That is fucked up. LIke I'm not going to notice?? And when I found out about it, the drummer sneered at me, "You're not hurt by that, are you?". Uh, yes I am. Sorry for having feelings, dude.

The last straw was clear to anyone who saw the show with the Black Lips a few weeks ago. Our lead guitarist got so drunk he couldn't play. Unfortunately, this didn't become apparent till we were already on stage and half way through the set. He made a real ass of himself, falling down and playing horribly. When we started the second to last song, his playing was so out of time and out of key that there was no way to continue. The singer put down his guitar and walked off the stage. Fun!

So, that kind of did it for me. No hard feelings or anything - in fact, I'm playing one last show with them in November.

The good news is that local musician about town Ezra Holbrook has offered to record my "solo album". He's been bugging me to record my material for about 8 years - and I've finally taken him up on it. He's a very talented guy - among many other credits, he produced, sang backing vocals, and played drums on the first Decemberists record.

If you asked me what I really needed in order to record a solo album, the answer would be a singing drummer, who is also a great producer and has a recording studio in his house. Enter Ezra...

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