Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Holy crap

It's a good year to be an Indians fan. Yeah, I said it. After last night's 7-3 victory over the "pretending-to-be-a-ragtag-group-of-everyday-joes-but-really-the-second-highest-payroll-in baseball" Red Sox, it looks really good for the Tribe. Of course, one just has to look at 2004 and the Bo Sox come from 3-0 deficit against the Yankees to know that it ain't over yet.

And if you're any kind of Cleveland fan, you know that for a fact.

But if C.C. and Fausto find their regular season form, the World Series for the boys from Cleveland is almost a foregone conclusion.

Go Tribe! Game 5 - Thursday - 8p.m. ET/5p.m. PT

Bizarre note: I can't believe it's taken me decades to realize the irony of the Cleveland Indians using the "doo-doo-do-doooo-do-do" calvary charge as a rallying cry.

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