Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Happy Days in the Bronx

I made a point of not writing about my boys heading off to the playoffs. If you've ever known an Indians fan, you know that we're a superstitious group. And facing the Yankees? The f'n Yankees? I thought I better lay low and keep the jinx off.

But the young guns did it
. With, of course, the help of my man, the 40-year-old veteran, the forever-young Kenny Lofton. That dude rules.

Now onto the Bo Sox. With our rotation intact and ready to go, we should at least give them a run. Keep 'em crossed, Tribe fans. And don't jinx a goddamn thing.


Pete Best said...

Aren't you the team with the incredibly racist mascot?

Crustodio said...

Thanks. Nice to have your support.