Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Best & Crust IM

best (12:43:05 PM): watch that 5 Days thing on HBO last night?
crust (12:43:24 PM): no - didn't even hear about it
best (12:44:11 PM):
best (12:44:21 PM): Really good, but very intense
crust (12:44:50 PM): sure sign we are getting old - that there is a "but" in that sentence instead of an "and"

1 comment:

Pete Best said...

Like I said, the only reason I said "but", was that the intense stuff had to do with a woman being kidnapped and a 5 year old being killed. That is not the good kind of intense. That's not the intense I would have enjoyed at a younger age.

The intense I would hate now but have enjoyed 15 years ago is something like eating mescaline and tripping for 12 hours or riding a recently condemmed rollercoaster.