Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Warning Cookie?

Geez, what is this world coming to? Here's my fortune cookie message from today's lunch:

You are wise to keep your eyes wide open at all times this week.

Maybe this is a new style of fortunes we'll be getting in the twilight of the Bush era.

"Don't overuse free speech."

"You are being watched."

"Disagreeing with the goverment is unpatriotic."

Actually, the best fortune I ever saw, was many years ago in New Orleans. It was the only fortune I've ever seen that had a 99.9% chance of being correct:

"You like Chinese food".

No lie.

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TheSizzler said...

I got the "you like Chinese food" fortune once, myself. My personal favorites, which I've kept to this day:

You are never deceptive, bitter or petty.

The night life is for you.