Saturday, February 23, 2008

Fear Defined

The older one gets, the easier it is to become afraid of things. It’s a strange progression. The years pass by and no matter the more experience you earn, the more “answers” you have, the better you become at spotting trouble before it arrives, you also arrive at the horrible conclusion that it’s only through sheer luck that you’re even alive.

Some people thrive on fear. It’s mostly a domain of the young though. Note the huge box office success of slasher crap movies out there. Though Mrs. Crustodio loves that shit, I can’t imagine sitting through an hour and a half of teens getting tortured, cut, maimed and killed. Seriously – why would anyone want to watch that?

Extreme sports? Only the most insane "older" person finds themselves digging that scene. Tony Hawk – I tip my hat to you. Hell, with my knees I’m wary of skiing the beginner hill.

Heights? Used to love ‘em. When I was a kid, I’d always be looking to climb to the top of a tree, water tower – I even spent a couple of years doing serious rock climbing. Now I get on a long-ass ladder to do a little home repair and I’m leaving a wee bit of urine in my Levis.

None of the above though compares with what I’m about to go through. What we’re about to go through as a family. No – everyone is in great health, thank you. I don’t even want to think about that kind of situation. That tops the list, for sure. But in regards to what lies ahead in the immediate future, I have come to the conclusion that my balls will be hiding up in my body for the next several years – and that a good night’s sleep will achieve the status of legend.

Yes, we have finally approached this frightening situation with Crustodio Jr.

Pray for us.


Pete Best said...

I'll have to post on this at some point, but I not only failed my first driving test, but I had previously wrecked the driver's ed car...

Rambling Canuck said...

LOL - great post. Good luck with that. My oldest kid is only 5, so I've got a ways to go.