Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I wish I had seen these shows...

Wilco, America's greatest rock band, recently played a residency in Chicago where they performed their entire recorded catalog over 5 shows. To keep it even more interesting, they mixed up the set lists so they weren't playing the albums in sequence.

Due to a (now sadly lapsed) friendship with bassist John Stirrat I've followed the band since before their formation. I still have the pre-lease cassette of A.M., their first album, that Stirrat gave me when we both still lived in New Orleans. I'm not sure what the future of Wilco will bring, much like Radiohead every new album is either a huge growth or a move to a new sound. But, I have to say, it seems to me they peaked with Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Both A Ghost is Born and Sky Blue Sky have been letdowns to me. I still love Summerteeth the best, and prefer the earlier stuff in general.

Thanks, Popcandy.


Rambling Canuck said...

YHF was indeed a peak moment - but I really think the last two have actually been amazing (Ghost being my personal favorite). The addition of Nels Cline was a brilliant move.

Pete Best said...

Nels Cline is great -m in fact, the whole band is great. I just don't think the songs are a s good, or at least not as much too my taste.