Wednesday, February 06, 2008

What day is it?

Ah, vacation. Where one day blissfully fades into the next. I guess today is the halfway point. Day 4 of our full 6 days in Mexico....

What to tell you? We had a delicious paella last night. After dinner we built a fire on the beach, firewood and coconut husk kindling kindly provided by Eduardo, our excellent caretaker. Earlier in the day we walked across town to Playa de Los Muertos (the beach of the dead), so named because you have to walk through a cemetary to get to it. The picture above is from one of above-ground graves dotting the hillside.

The food here has been overwhelming excellent, from a nice sit-down restaurant to a shack on the beach, and the guacamole is always fantastic. Booze is easy to come by and cheap. Yesterday evening was spent drinking hurricanes, in honor of Fat Tuesday. Mardi Gras seemed to make no impression on the streets of Sayulita, but we still wore carnival beads to dinner, like good turista dorks.

We continue to explore the town and discover new restaurants and stores. We scored some really cool handmade Mexican wall hangings that will soon grace the walls of Casa Best in Portland. We have internet at the house, but I've had trouble getting a good signal, so this morning I am sitting in a small cafe enjoying their free WiFi along with some good coffee and huevos rancheros. It's sunny out, and I'm sitting on a covered balcony with colorful walls, native artwork and potted palm plants. There's a nice breeze keeping me cool as I watch the beat-up and dusty cars clump from one pothole to the next on the unpaved streets. It pretty much rules.

Life moves at it's own eccentric pace here and takes a bit of getting used to, as Crustodio slowly discovered. Not that I'm any less impatient, but I have one previous trip to Mexico under my belt, so I'm a little more used to the slowness. I think this picture illustrates the Mexican idea of service pretty well. "Ask at office with MEGAN or look for HECTOR". Well, I'm off to look for Hector, metaphorically speaking...

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