Monday, February 04, 2008

Stupor Bowl, part dos

After lunch we sussed out a few football viewing locations before we settled on the Buddah Bar. Mostly because it was practically empty and we could sit 5 feet from the flatscreen tv. The place had the vibe of an upscale DJ dance bar for ecstasy-eating hippies, but for the next 4 hours it was magically transformed into a good old American sports bar. With sushi.

We sat next to Allan at the bar, a nice and gregarious guy from South Africa, with an impressive knowledge of football. Although Don Pedro's was packed for the Super Bowl down the street, we pretty much had this place to ourselves. We were outnumbered by the staff, but they were all very friendly and intent on getting us hammered. The tv commentary was all in Spanish, so you'd hear "spanishspanishspanishspanishspanishspanish Eli Manning spanishspanishspanishspanishspanish" and "spanishspanishspanishspanish Plaxico Burress spanishspanishspanish". It was pretty funny.

I had a bet going on with the Football Buddies back home and I stood to win big if the Patriots prevailed. This was actually one of the best Super Bowls in many years, and I didn't really begrudge the Giants' victory. I guess I always side with the underdog, even if I have money riding on it.

We also had the annual Half Time Show side bet, where we wager on what songs the act will play and in what order. As a huge Tom Petty fan, I thought I had this locked up but I went for Refugee over Running Down a Dream. Oh, well. Back in PDX, the Sizzler nailed it perfectly.

I was sort of surprised by the amount of football fever in Sayulita, but I guess with so many American turistas in town, you can't ignore the big game. We also saw some interesting football merch for sale. Here is a Packers poncho on display next to some Mexican wrestling masks. Beats a friggin' cheesehead any day.


David said...

Hey Paul,
Kenny Chesney called....he wants his hat back. What look were youo going for Senor Brokeback?

chezcheney said...

i hope some spanish speaker doesn't steal your job while you have your head in the sand!

Crustodio said...

No habla douchebag.