Tuesday, February 05, 2008

No Habla Espanol

One of the major downsides of watching the Super Bowl in Spanish (Hell no, this ain't a complaint - unless my beloved Browns are vying for the Lombardi trophy, I'll take the sun and surf any freakin' Super Bowl Sunday), is that we missed the much-anticipated commercials.

We did see a ton of Mexican ads. Surprising to me was the very small number of commercials that were simply re-makes or dubbed versions of U.S. ads. All beers and margaritas aside, I recall that the most prevalent advertisements were all part a bizarre "live" campaign for some sort of fruit juice. Each one featured a Latina hottie and a very white-looking dude reporting about this juice. Often they would be surrounded by civilians wearing t-shirts with a Mitsubishi logo. Don't ask. No habla espanol.

Thanks to the glory of the Internets and a wireless connection at the compound, I was able to catch up on all of the ads I missed. Some were fun, but color me underwhelmed.

Then lo and behold, the geniuses of Miller High Life came through with this:

I've always admired this campaign. And how long do you think before our favorite beer dude is starring in his own sitcom on one of the lesser networks?


: JustaDog said...

If Obama or Hillary gets elected you can expect much more Spanish in our society.

Better take a Spanish class!

Pete Best said...

Ok, which one of our friends is posing as a stupid, bigoted right-wing douchebag? Pretty funny, guys.

turdler said...

this douchebag bleeds red white and blue!

Anonymous said...

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