Thursday, February 14, 2008

New soul food mecca in the 'hood??

Hmm, another food post? I guess that's a good sign, considering I've been sick all this week - I must be getting my appetite and taste buds back. I just read a review in Willamette Week on Izogie's, a new restaurant in my Woodlawn neighborhood. It's kind of in a weird location and I had heard bad things about the previous occupant, so I wasn't that excited about checking it out. Plus, every time I pass by it is empty, which is never a good sign. I even commented to a friend how bad that made me feel, to see someone open up a new place and just have it sit empty. Not bad enough to go in myself, but you know what I mean.

But, I read in the review that the chef is Jewel Thomas, formerly of Doris' Cafe - which has been closed for a few years, but was the best soul food restaurant I've been to in Portland. This is very good news, since I've really missed my good soul food and Southern cooking since moving up here from New Orleans. I plan to check it out this weekend. Anyone up for dinner?

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