Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Just loverly

After all these years, Paul is still the cute one. This ad has been out for a short while, and I'm finding it impossible not to watch it. I have engaged the DVR play button no less that 10 times while fast-forwarding through most other commercials.

To me, it's a great combination that takes equal advantage of his charm, the deserved mantle of rock 'n roll royalty he owns, and the ever-recognizable iPod art direction.

The song is pretty catchy too.

I was close to linking Sir Paul's name to his Wikipedia entry, then thought better of it. If you're not familiar with the history, then you're surely not reading this.


Pete Best said...

That song is classic post-Beatles McCartney. Catchy as hell, but totally light-weight and meaningless. The kind of song I'm annoyed at myself for liking. Overall, this is a pretty good record, he's not playing it totally safe for once. But, it is frustrating, because some of the lyrics are just so fucking lame, it's hard not to roll your eyes. But there are some really cool inventive moments on the album. Definitely the best record in quite a while.

Of course, we may not be the most impartial observers. We did, after all, see one of the worst movies of all time, Give My Regards to Broad Street, when it first came out. It was a weekend matine and we were the only people in the theater. And we liked it. Maybe becuase he were really fucking high at the time...

"After a sensational media build-up, the film—with its less-than-exciting plot—was savaged by critics upon its November unveiling and Give My Regards to Broad Street ended up as one of 1984's most notable cinematic flops."

Pete Best said...

What did Ebert think of it in 1984? Link.