Thursday, June 14, 2007

Stop being idiots

I'm flummoxed. Pole-axed. Pissed off.

How many times must people forward a piece-of-crap email that is meant to worry people. Today, for about the eleventy-millionth time, I received the infamous, "Your cell phone number is about to be released to telemarketers" email.

Okay, folks, for the last time. IT IS NOT. Get it? For the love of God, do a little research before you forward some mass email. YOU'RE ALREADY AT YOUR F'N COMPUTER. IT'S CALLED GOOGLE. TRY IT.

In all fairness, the friend that sent it to me was skeptical. But the 40 people before him on that email weren't. They just sent it. A lot.


That is all.

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Pete Best said...

Dude, you don't even know pain. My mom sends these things to me on a regular basis. They're ALL phoney internet frauds, designed to scare unsophisticated users. Recently, one was so egregious that I emailed everyone on the long forward list (about 50 people) and told them to stop forwarding crap like that to my mom without checking to see if it was true. I sent them to Snopes, where these things are often debunked. Oddly, not one person wrote me back to challenge or apologize. Sadly, this did not stop anyone sending mom more of that crap. Why are old people so obsessed with microwaving plastic??