Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Meet the Puppets

Not sure how I feel about the Meat Puppets reunion and new album. They've been a longtime favorite, dating back to grad school in 1987, when my roomate Erik R. had a copy of the wonderful Up on the Sun (on vinyl, of course). But, it's been a rough few years for younger brother Cris.

"Though the bands drug use included cocaine, heroin and many others, Cris' use of heroin and crack cocaine in particular became so bad he never left his house except to score more drugs. At least two people (including one of his best friends and his wife) died of overdoses at his house in Tempe, AZ during this time.

He was arrested in December 2003 for attacking a security guard at the Main post office in downtown Phoenix, AZ with the guard's baton. The guard shot Kirkwood in the stomach at least twice during the melee, causing serious gunshot injuries requiring major surgery. Kirkwood was subsequently denied bail, the judge citing Kirkwood's previous drug arrests and parole violations. He eventually went to prison at the Arizona state prison in Florence, AZ for felony assault. He was released in July of 2005."

Well, apparently you can't keep a good man down, because he is on the new record and tour. Older brother Curt has been keeping various line-ups going for a while, but not with much success. You can read a fascinating (and long) article here on all of Cris's mishaps. It's quite a good read.

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