Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Ultimate Commercial

You probably have to be old to fully remember Member's Only jackets. You probably have to be old and a little loopy to remember when the soap opera General Hospital was absolutely HUGE, and featured a lovely couple, Luke and Laura.

Because of my mom and sister, I recall all of this. Including how Luke and Laura got together the first time. He raped her. Seriously.

With all that in mind, who else could be the perfect spokesman for Member's Only jackets? None other than Anthony Geary, the actor who played Laura's rapist/lover/eventual husband, Luke.

On a side note, I remember having a serious crush on Laura's friend. She was some reporter, played by a hot-but-way-too-young-to-believe-as-a-reporter, Demi Moore. Hey! It was on right after school! And my mom controlled the TV! Stop looking at me that way!

Thank you, The Consumerist


Joe Janes said...

Yeah, I had one.

And watching the commercial I thought, "Hey, that doesn't look that bad." Except for the tux ensemble. That's where I draw the line.

Joe Janes said...

Oh, and I believe he raped her to a Herb Alpert tune, Rize(?), which, if memory serves me, became a bigger hit after they used it on the show.

Pete Best said...

I had a leather jacket that was a Member's Only knock -off. It had the classic MO collar piece and padded shoulders. It's probably gathering dust in a Goodwill somewhere...