Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bizarre Synchronicity

First, was thrilled to see the trailer for The Darjeeling Limited that Pete mentions below. How funny that you could be watching that trailer from across the room, without sound, and immediately recognize that a new Wes Anderson movie was on the way.

That can only be a good thing.

In other movie-trailer-browsing news, I noticed that not one – but TWO – movies featuring a Jane Austen theme were in the hopper. Becoming Jane looks like a chick-flick of epic proportions set in the past. The Jane Austen Book Club looks like a chick-flick of epic proportions set in present time.

For one, it’s refreshing to see films inspired by literature and not children’s toys from the 1980s. On the other hand, will anyone make it to the theaters for these sure-to-be tear-jerkers? I am skeptical.

Seems as though there might be yet another movie-within-two-movies coming up where highly-agitated women with graduate degrees in English storm Hollywood studios, take them over with bloody coups, and proceed to produce a series of bombs based on classic literature. Moments before the studios are all forced to declare bankruptcy, Vin Diesel 'copters in a team of trained killers to wipe out the intellectuals and put things right with the world.

On a happy side note, the trailer for a French Film film, My Best Friend, features a Ben Kweller song – or a permutation of one, anyway – at the end. Looks like even the French can surprise us from time to time.


Pete Best said...

Jane Austen: She never married and died at age 41.

How do you make a romantic feel-good movie about a writer who never gets laid and dies younger than the Graffiti Table writers??

Hmmm, "The 41 Year Old Virgin That Dies"? Sounds great. Calling Steve Carrell!

TheSizzler said...

My favorite 19th century writer on Jane Austen.