Friday, July 27, 2007

Worst crimefighter ever.


I just watched a guy rip off a liquor store and I just stood there in a daze. What happened? Well... I walked in and went to the back of the line, about 4 people long. I saw this guy, out of site of the clerk, jump over the counter where the liquor was and back into the main area. My first thought was he worked there, but then as he passed me he whispered "please don't say anything". I though, "huh, that's weird". Then he hurridly walked out the door and down the street.

Then Mr. Quick-witted Crimefighter said to himself, "I don't think he works here - in fact, I think he stole something!" When I got to the front of the line, I told the clerk, "hey, I think someone just ripped you off". She went over to look nd reported a large bottle of Hennessy was missing. So, Hennessy drinkers around the world, whether you know it or not, I got your back.

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Crustodio said...

I think you're being a little hard on yourself. I feel quite certain that Superman, Spiderman, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Batman, Mr. Fantastic or even the Wonder Twins wouldn't give two shits about a fella boosting a little Hennessy to share with the ladies.

Pick your battles, Mr. Best. This wasn't one of 'em.