Saturday, July 14, 2007

Stars or Scrubs?

Just found this video to one of my favorite songs of last year, "Your Ex-Lover is Dead" by Stars . It's such a perfect first song. The video is very cool and somehow Canadian, which is fitting since these cats are from Toronto. Just one question - where is the drummer's head??

OK, one more thought. How can a relatively new band have such an obvious word as their band name? With the thousands and thousands of band in the last 40 years, nobody thought of calling themselves "the Stars" before?? That is hard to believe. It's weird to me.

For example, I came up with the greatest obscure band name of all time (I thought) and was trying to convince my current band to use it: "The Wormwood Scrubs".

What the fuck is that, you may ask? Well, it's the name of an old and horrible prison in London. It's namechecked in the best Jam song of all time ("Down in the Tube Station at Midnight"). "Wormwood" happens to be the main ingredient of the banned liquor, or spirit, Absinthe.

"Scrubs" works well, too - a sort of self-effacing reference to a group of people that maybe aren't up to snuff. (NOT a reference to the really awful TV show, though if someone on that show were to make a movie with the line of dialogue "The Scrubs will change your life" - that could be okay.).

And then your fans could refer to you with a cheeky nickname, much like we call The Replacements, "The 'Mats" (it's short for placemats, which isn't the same as replacements, but oh well). "Hey, are you going to see the Scrubs?" "Yeah, I love the Scrubbies". Ok, obviously I have a very rich inner fantasy life, but this seemed like a valid plan.

So, I did a last-minute Google on the name, expecting absolutely nothing to come up - and I find that there's a fucking band with that name already!! What the fuck, how can this be?? That's MY name! Man, I hate these guys (even though they are probably fine and nice and obviously share my sensibilities.)

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