Friday, July 20, 2007


A client wants a redesign of their site. Their new buzzword is Diversity. That's what you do when everyone in the world associates your product with 55+ year old white men. So, this is the photo on their home page:

Do you think people know when they're in a picture for diversity's sake?

"Yeah, I'm here becasue they need diversity"

That would annoy me - if I were diverse.

Crustodio, what's it like to be diverse? I got the whole "first generation", "immigrant" thing going on, but you got me trumped with the diversity thing, bastard.

For example, you got all your Filipino brothers dancing to Radio Ga Ga. And they don't even care that they're in prison! You win again.

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Crustodio said...

I am left speechless by that video. It is - by far - the most disturbing thing I have seen on youtube. As for diversity, my one-half Filipino blood hasn't exactly given me a distinct point of view. The fact that I look more Jewish than Pacific Islander may have something to do with that. Blame my dad's weak-ass genes. Or the milkman. But in advertising and acting, I know exactly what you're talking about. And more than likely the lone black or Asian actor/model knows exactly what's going on, but hey, you got the work and someone else didn't. As long as you're not portraying a janitor/thief/crack addict or an over-excelling student/violinist/mafia member, you take the job and say thank you.